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    What We Do

    Obsidian Construction is all about providing exceptional service to our clients and maintaining excellent relationships with our subcontractors. We achieve exceptional service by providing comprehensive bids first and foremost. We cost everything out for the client, even things as a general contractor we won’t have to purchase.

    In most situations, it is the project owner’s responsibility to purchase things like appliances, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc. for the renovation. In all of our estimates, we include the cost of these things because we want our clients to be in the know. If a client is only expecting to pay for the labor and rough materials associated with a remodel, when the time comes for them to buy the things needed to finish, they can be left feeling squeezed for all they’ve got.

    We like to avoid this outcome because it diminishes our relationship with the client. If we can show the client a complete picture of the true cost of a remodel we can expect a better relationship with our clients.

    Obsidian Construction is primarily a general contractor. As a general contractor, our job is to schedule and oversee the work, in addition to performing it. It is our responsibility to make sure the work done is done to code and to customer satisfaction.